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Honey Bourbon Scented Candle


Honey Bourbon Scented Candle

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No need to be over 21! Our honey bourbon-scented Highball Candle part of our Cocktail Lounge will delight your nose not your palate. It might look like the popular whiskey given its rich brown color easily viewed through clear glass but that's where the similarities end. This gorgeous candle is made from hand-poured soy blend wax. Its honey bourbon scent opens with orange marmalade tamarind and honey which are infused with bourbon coumarin and clove and layered by brown sugar and tobacco. Cheers to all!
Lead and tin free cotton wick.
Burn time: 33 Hours.

Item weight: 1.00lbs
Item dimensions: 2.40" W x 5.70" H x 2.40" L
Materials: Glass Soy Blended Wax

Weight 1 lbs


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