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Electronics Repair

Not just any average appliance repair technicians can troubleshoot and installs most major appliances such as washers, ranges and other large appliances for most customers, but ours can. They must even need to know how to connect basic water or even gas based lines for even electrical based items, and how to check for them for safety once those appliances are installed. One of the most important aspects our technician does is instruct their customers on how to operate theses appliances properly. Electronics are no exception and can include anything from MP3 players to circuit boards. Finding the right repair shop for your device depends on the experience and specialty of the shop. So, If that repair shop is not very knowledgeable about repairing your device, ask for reference, and we recommend everyone look for a repair service that specializes in the kind of item you need fixed.  As we stated just keep in mind there are many variations of repair services or those who can truly repair items from your phone to your television or flat-screen HDTV. We’re very proud of our Electronics Tech as Luis is one of the very best in the fort Smith area, and great at getting the job dome right the first time. As mentioned, if you can’t find a good source for your parts contact us and save time as well as money in the long run of getting the job done, think of personalized-Pc for your next repair & we provide free estimates on all repairs. Contact Us @



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