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”Where Music, Computers, Electronics, Technology, & Entertainment-Media Merge!”

DJ Audio-Video, Lighting & Equipment Rental

Hey’ We’re Back and as Aswan Music Club! We’ve Got your Music, DJ’s, and Equipment Rentals and we’ll be servicing Club Owners, Book Bands & Groups MC’s 4 Live Church Events, Music Groups 4 Clubs & Support 4 Up-Coming Local Artist & Talent. All keeping in mind as they are our primary focus as we are entertainment consultants. I began collecting recordings in 1965, so I was 9 years old at the time, and Sound Express began in 1977-78 in Fort Smith, Ark., in association & support with Sound Emporium / Sound Warehouse Music from 1978 -1984. I remember telling Dad I always wanted to open my own record store someday & in 1985 right across from Darby Junior High School on Grand Ave. “Future Sounds Music & Entertainment” was born. Since that time, we’ve offering more 40 years in & out as a DJ service in the greater entertainment & music industry, so we can assure you your party’s will always be a success. After going public in 1978-79, I began spinning music at the local nightspot “The Private Club” operated by Mr. Carl Willis Sr. a resident from the Fort Smith area, he was well known in the catering business & of course the rest is club history.

Little did I know, it was just a humble beginning as we’d go on post-up as Entertainment & music consultant as entertainment contractors thru Fort Sill, Oklahoma for our local U.S. Military installation at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 1980 until 1988. So, after building 3 complete DJ systems, I’d say longevity is a good indicator of our skills to keep entertainments engine moving. Many say we’ve had a very good run, and you would be correct all during the late 70’s, 80’s & into the 90’s all the while serving as house DJ’s for the legendary night-spot club owner Mr. Earl Dickerson host of ‘The Diamond Inn’. So, we also served this area well in just about every other club, school and college in the Tri-State region. As you tell or can see, we not only know music we know how to start & keep anyone’s party jumping. So, if you’re still looking for it New or Classic Vinyl records, DJ Gear or lighting just Call the (The DR.) @ 479 7822279 and tell us exactly what you need. At Personalized-Pc/Aswan Entertainment we provide service for your audio system, electronics, computers, software & hardware repair services along with Entertainment-Media services Etc.. and we can get it done on time, on budget and at a fair price.

Maybe you’re just interested in entertainment or a birthday party or up-coming event? We’ll help you with logistics & recommend the right size venue for your venue or groups & our crew offers the individual talent & are knowledgeable of the entertainment industry, so whatever the need we can help you today or into the future. So, if it’s in our local community, a private affair, or somewhere outside of our home base here in Beautiful Fort Smith, Arkansas’s area. Join Us as the Re-launch of this site we’re Celebrating over 53 Years of Music & Entertainment history, we offer what is a Deep Catalogue or a rich history in music entertainment-media. Keep in mind you can custom pick your playlist for any performance, to make your events one’s to remember by all. Whatever the need gives us a call to discuss your party plans, and thanks for sharing the good times of your lives. Just give us the call @ (479) 782-2279…” Welcome to Aswan Music Club Online! “Where Entertainment-Media, Technology, Computers, Electronics, and Music Merge! Thank you for your visiting with us and for your Business… and Remember ‘Keep Watching & Listening to the Music” @ “ASWAN Entertainment’… ‘(The Dr,)’

DJ Audio-Video Lighting & Equipment Rental Form

”Where Music, Computers, Electronics, Technology, & Entertainment-Media Merge!”

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